Day 16- Medical Clowning, Shaare Tzedek Hospital, Yom NCSY

By: Dasi Vann

This morning was a late wakeup, which means everyone was well-rested and super excited for YOM NCSY!!! Our first activity was medical-clowning training, in order to prepare us for Sha’are Tzedek hospital. The training lesson was very inspiring, as it included the goals of medical clowning and practice with skills such as juggling and balloon-animal making. I couldn’t believe how far I got in juggling!

Afterwards, we visited Sha’are Tzedek hospital, where we walked in super excited to be able to cheer up the patients. But very quickly, we were a little dispirited because we realized that a hospital is a place of despair, rather than a playful scene. Plus, we wanted to play with kids, and we were sent to the adult oncology unit. This was a little hard on us, especially me because I can’t understand Hebrew. It was frustrating that I could barely do anything to help these people, but my advisor said that chessed doesn’t always come on a silver platter.

Then we made our way to Yom NCSY! Our bus got so hyped up on the way that the bus driver got really annoyed. It was so much fun to see all of my friends on different programs from Southern NCSY and the Lion Pride. The program was ridiculously fun, and I was drenched in sweat!